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About the developer Bloom Properties

Developer Bloom Properties 

Active since 1999, Bloom Properties is part of Bloom Holdings and one of the most active and renowned developers in Dubai. Bloom Properties is responsible for three projects that changed the skyline of Dubai for good, namely Bloom Central, Bloom Marina, and Bloom Gardens. Nowadays, the company is not only active in the UAE, but also in the USA and Europe. 

The approach of Bloom Properties to the development of real estate is characterized by the following components: innovative design, improve the overall value of the urban area and the desire to improve the lives of the residents of the residential complexes developed by Bloom Properties. Over the years, the company has developed a culture of collaboration and success, resulting in a top position in the real estate market of Dubai and an annual revenue of more than AED 27 million. 

What does Bloom Properties offer to buyers in Dubai?

Bloom Properties offers a wide range of residential complexes, all of which are finished up to the highest standards. The main focus of the company when it comes to its customers, is providing a joyful living experience in an environment that feels like family. Thanks to the company’s customer-oriented approach, Bloom Properties has witnessed exponential growth over recent years, for example in 2016 it recorded a growth of more than 300%. 

For the future Bloom Properties aims to further develop their business on a global scale and diversify its activities on the domestic market. 

Advantages of working with Bloom Properties

Looking at the portfolio of Bloom Properties is already a good indication of the benefits that come with obtaining property from this development company. Here are some other things that add to the good reputation of the company. 

  • Bloom Properties has won a wide range of awards. One of them was the prize for “Top Real Estate Developer”, awarded by the Dubai Land Department at the Dubai Property Show in Mumbai. 
  • When purchasing a property, you get Bloom Construction Updates and there is also a possibility to get Property Alerts. 

Bloom Properties at Korter 

You can easily find all properties developed by Bloom Properties on the Korter website. This allows you to quickly find out everything about the residential complex that you are interested in. You will instantly see essential information such as the price per Sq. ft., the lay-outs of the apartments, the in- and outdoor amenities, the infrastructure around the complex and everything else you need to know before deciding to buy a property.

It also called Bloom Holding