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About the developer Tiger Group

Developer Tiger Group

With a history dating back to the year 1976, Tiger Group is one of the oldest development companies around in the UAE. The original founders of the Tiger Group had a vision of developing landmark projects that would change life in the UAE for good. The successful history of the Tiger Group has allowed the company to branch out to other spheres such as hospitality, education, healthcare, manufacturing, and others. Nowadays, Tiger Group is not only active in the UAE but in the entire Gulf region, Turkey and the Middle East. Their slogan is: “The Pioneer Developer of Choice”, while some of the most famous buildings developed by Tiger Group include the “Al Manara Tower” and the “Lake City Tower”. 

What does Tiger Group offer to buyers in Dubai?

Currently, Tiger Group has more than 10 companies active in the UAE together with a number of affiliates and other branches that cooperate with the company. One of them is Tiger Industries, a company that provides building materials for the development of real estate. With their own production company, Tiger Group can guarantee a high-quality standard of materials and a seamless supply chain. Being one of the largest real estate companies in the region, buying real estate developed by the Tiger Group, ensures buyers that their property will be flawlessly delivered in time. 

Advantages of working with Tiger Group

With such a huge corporation as Tiger Group, there are numerous benefits of choosing this company. 

  • Tiger Group has won a wide range of different awards, such as for example the award for “Best Expatriate Friendly Developer” (Asiavision Excellence Awards, 2018)
  • Safe work conditions and healthy work environments are provided at each and every project carried out by Tiger Group. 
  • The company complies with all the requirements of the ISO 9001 international standard. 
  • Being one of the oldest companies on the real estate market in the UAE, the Tiger Group has a long track record of successful developments and therefore makes it a safe option for investors. 

Tiger Group at Korter 

On the Korter real estate webpage, you can easily find all properties developed by the Tiger Group, no matter if they are in progress or have only been planned. Within minutes you have a good understanding of everything that a property has to offer. This includes topics such as the price per square foot, the amenities in and around the building, the layouts of the apartments or villas, the exact location and the contact details of the developer.