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About the developer Select Group

About Select Group

Founded in 2002, Select Group is a real estate development company that offers services in multiple disciplines. With more than 550 employees in the Gulf region and Europe, the company is renowned for its wide range of real estate developments, ranging from commercial to hospitality to residential and retail. Having developed more than 20 million square feet of real estate, the company has shown that it possesses great skills when it comes to expertise, planning, and execution. For the future, the company wants to expand its activities in the hospitality segment by partnering with world-famous brands such as Radisson Blue, InterContinental, Ibis Hotels, and Novum Hospitality. 

What does Select Group offer to buyers in Dubai?

With a respected portfolio and vast experience in real estate development, Select Group offers safe and perspective investment opportunities in Dubai. The specialized investment department in the company provides customers with the best options for investment. This could be both in new real estate as well as redeveloped and refurbished properties. 

Advantages of working with Select Group

With the outstanding portfolio that Select Group has accumulated, there are some other things that are incorporated into the values of the company. 

  • Select Group strives to achieve the highest quality by developing its projects in a consistent manner. 
  • Excellence is one of the key factors that drives the company while constantly improving standards and procedures. 
  • Integrity is one of the most important values of the company and the history of Select Group is built on trust and credibility. 
  • Corporate Social Responsibility is something that is highly valued by the Select Group. Therefore, the company participates in fundraisers, makes donations for charities and provides assistance to organizations that give aid in case of natural disasters and catastrophes. 

Select Group at Korter 

On the Korter website, you can find all residential real estate that is being, or has been, developed by Select Group. On the dedicated page for Select Group, you can see each and every project in the blink of an eye. With all the information in front of you, it is easy to compare things such as price per square foot, the lay-outs of the apartments, the amenities in and around the complex, parking facilities, security options, the location on the map, construction updates and much more. On top of that, you can also find the contact details of all the relevant representatives or ask a question when some information is absent.