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About the developer Tanmiyat Global Real Estate

Tanmiyat Global Real Estate

Founded in 1982 in Saudi Arabia, Tanmiyat Global Real Estate is one of the most popular real estate developers in the United Arab Emirates. The company is responsible for a wide array of housing projects in countries in the Middle East. The company is not only known for developing affordable housing with high-quality materials, but also for providing investors with high returns on their investments. The brand Tanmiyat represents honesty and transparency while maintaining both quality and ethical standards. 

What does the Tanmiyat Global Real Estate offer to buyers in Dubai?

Tanmiyat Global Real Estate currently has several projects in the works. One of them is Living Legends, which is one of its most eminent projects to date. This residential project consists of 500 villas and 12 residential towers, all surrounded by lush greenery while also having convenient access to Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed road. At the same time the complex is located not far from the major points of interest in Dubai. The villas have all been handed over and the residential towers are currently being developed. Every unit is characterized by outstanding design and high-quality finishes.

Other projects by Tanmiyat include the Court Tower, a high-rise tower with 30 floors, and the Exchange Tower, a business tower of 28 floors in the heart of the business center of Dubai. 

Advantages of working with Tanmiyat Global Real Estate

Besides a long and successful track record in various countries around the Middle East, Tanmiyat Global Real Estate offers more to distinguish itself from its competitors on the Dubai real estate market in Dubai.  

  • The company works with established partners to provide customers with the best options for services after completion. After this, clients can choose for the services of Kaizen, a company specialized in owner association management, and Entegra, a corporation that provides Facility management.  
  • The fact that the company has a wide range of joint ventures in various countries, such as Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Sudan, Jordan and Turkey, shows that it is a trusted business partner for many.  
  • Tanmiyat provides its customers with custom-made payment plans that suit their needs. 

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