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About the developer Pacific Ventures

Pacific Ventures

Founded in 1992 as the Pacific Group, the company now known as Pacific Ventures is headquartered in India. The company has a reputation for meticulous planning and world-class quality. Ever since the establishment of Pacific Ventures, the company has been creating real estate that distinguishes itself by excellence. Besides residential buildings, the company also develops hospitality and retail facilities, which are also recognized for their quality and value. 

The goal of the company is to develop dynamic projects on the whole territory of the United Arab Emirates and to reach the status of world-class developer. 

What does the Pacific Ventures offer to buyers in the UAE?

So far, Pacific ventures has completed several residential complexes in Dubai. These buildings include the Royal Estate (in Dubai Investment Park), Pacific Edmonton Elm, Point Residencia (in Jumeirah Village Circle) and the Burj Pacific, which is located in Business Bay.

The company has several projects planned for the future, which include the Pacific Village (Dubailand), the Pacific Wave Residence (Jumeirah Village Circle) and the Pacific Xanadu Residence, which is an apartment complex with 5 floors. 

Advantages of working with Pacific Ventures

There are few companies that have such a long track record on the Dubai real estate market as Pacific Ventures. But experience is not the only thing that the company provides.  

  • Customer service is one of the pillars of the company, resulting in the fact that many customers come back after purchasing their first property from Pacific Ventures. 
  • The company is specialized in sustainable development, meaning that the properties are not only durable but also developed in an environmentally friendly way. 

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