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About the developer Arada Property Developer

Arada Property Developer

Founded in 2016 to build inspiring communities, Arada Property Developer provides homes with exceptional design, world-class amenities, and affordable prices. All projects are guided by the three principles the company adheres to; community, technology, and sustainability. With these things in mind, the company develops properties that improve the lives of residents. 

The highest priority of the company is real estate development in Sharjah. Arada Property Developer aims at transforming the city into a global metropolis. So far, the company has launched two community projects, namely Aljada and the Nasma Residences. These projects have gained the interest of home buyers and investors.

What does the Arada Property Developer offer to buyers in the UAE?

Currently, all projects by Arada Property developer are located in Sharjah. Most of the properties are located in the area of Aljada, a 24 million square foot area located in the suburb of Muwaileh. Some of the projects that are for sale at the moment include the Misk Lofts, the Nasma Residences and the Sarab Community. 

Another area where the company is active, is East Village, where projects as the Nest and the Boulevard are being developed. 

Advantages of working with Arada Property Developer

Besides having a wide array of different residences for sale, there are more advantages related to Arada Property Developer.  

  • The customer comes first, meaning that all properties are designed with the end-user in mind. This results in a premium lifestyle with extraordinary surroundings while at the same time having easy access to parks, schools, medical facilities, etc.  
  • The properties developed by the company all have prime locations. Therefore, you are always in proximity of all the main points of interest.  
  • Environmental sustainability is something that is important to Arada and through every development process, the company minimizes energy use as much as possible. 

Arada Property Developer at Korter 

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