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About the developer Shaikhani Group

Founded in 1978, the Shaikhani Group is an international company that not only has divisions in real estate but also in IT, trade and manufacturing. 

With its headquarters in Dubai, the Shaikhani Group has more than 30 years of experience on the real estate market. Currently, the company has developed more than 30.000 units of real estate across the globe. In 2008 the company announced its plans to invest AED 1 billion in the development of new freehold projects in the UAE. The company is recognized for quality real estate and matching customer service.

The Shaikhani Group is a company driven by knowledge and the foundation of it consists of information, innovation, and communication. 

What does The Shaikhani Group offer to buyers in Dubai?

The Shaikhani Group has a long track record when it comes to real estate development in the United Arab Emirates. At the moment, the company has 2 projects in progress. These are Gardenia Residence (in the Jumeriah Village Circle District) and the Champions Towers (in Sports City). 

Advantages of working with The Shaikhani Group

With over 30 years of experience in developing real estate, the Shaikhani Group provides reliability mixed with innovation and quality. Besides that, there are a number of other benefits that go hand in hand with doing business with the company. 

  • The company has its own charity foundation called the Shaikhani Foundation. Over the last 20 years, this organization has helped organize the establishment of schools, computer institutes, hospitals that operate in subsidized mode, mosques, shelters for the homeless and housing projects. 
  • People come first at the Shaikhani group and the company tries to involve them in all levels, both in- and outside the organization, which happens by applying the 3 C’s. namely Consult, Collaborate and Contribute. 

The Shaikhani Group at Korter 

When you are looking for a developer with vast experience on the UAE real estate market, then the Shaikhani Group is a viable option. When you want to know more about the projects developed by this company, then you can find all the details on the Korter platform. Within a few minutes, you will have a good understanding of vital parameters such as prices per square foot, the amenities that come with the property, the location on the map and the surrounding infrastructure, layouts of the apartment and much more. 

You can also create your own profile, add buildings to your favorites and ask questions.