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About the developer Uniestate Properties

The master real estate developer Uniestate is a company with vast experience on the international property market and has been active for more than 20 years in the UAE. It offers services in segments such as construction, design, finishing and project management, all provided with excellent customer service. The properties developed by Uniestate are located at the most sought-after plots and are popular investment objects. Innovation and reliability are two pillars that make up the foundation of the company. Due to its success, the company has decided to look across the border and now is also active in for example Bulgaria and Kyrgyzstan.

Uniestate’s mission is to find the most suitable locations for its customers and apply their creative approach to the developments of the residencies. Owing to its vast experience and technical expertise, the company operates in an environmentally-friendly manner, while building dream apartments and villas for their client base. 

What does Uniestate Properties offer to buyers in the UAE?

With the expertise and extraordinary reputation of Uniestate Properties, it is an attractive company to buy property from, whether that is to live in or as an investment opportunity. Some of the projects that are currently being developed by Uniestate include the Union Tower, Blue Mirage, the Uniestate Prime Tower, the Uniestate Sports Tower, and the Uniestate Millennium Tower. The projects are located in different parts of the UAE. 

Advantages of working with Uniestate Properties

Uniestate Properties has been active on the UAE real estate market for quite some time and has built an excellent reputation for itself. Besides that, there are other things that add to the advantages of working with this company. 

  • Uniestate has a reward system that is handed out in the form of gift cards, which can be used in more than 130 shops in the UAE. 
  • Uniestate has been active for more than 20 years on the real estate market and applies extensive experience and best practices to each property it develops. 

Uniestate Properties at Korter 

Do you want to know more about properties developed by Uniestate? Then all you have to do is visit the Korter platform. Here you can easily find all the details of any project. This includes the prices per square meter, the amenities provided, the infrastructure in and around the territory, pictures, and video presentations, easy links to comparable properties, locations, information about the developer and lots of other information.