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About the developer Vincitore Real Estate Development LLC

Mr. Vijay C. Doshi is the founder and managing director of Vincitore Real Estate Development, who started his career in business when he was only 20 years old. Nowadays, the company is known for luxurious homes with affordable price tags. The Vincitore comes from the Italian language and means “winner”. Bringing together the architectural styles of Italy, the Roman Empire, and Europe, the company applies its own unique style to each property it develops. All apartments and villas delivered by Vincitore are characterized by excellence and an innovate approach, with the customers at the center of all the operations. 

What does Vincitore Real Estate Development offer to buyers in Dubai?

Affordable luxury is a way to describe the homes developed by Vincitore Real Estate and it is a style that has won the hearts of many homebuyers and investors. At the moment, the company has 3 projects under development: Vincitore Palacio, Vincitore Boulevard (both in Al Barsha South) and Vincitore Benessere (in Arjan). 

Advantages of working with Vincitore Real Estate Development

Luxury and innovation are two things that the Vincitore Real Estate has gained recognition for, but there are more things that have added to the excellent reputation of the company. 

  • The company has been awarded several prizes for its excellence in the field of real estate development. In 2017 it won the Luxury Lifestyle Award for luxury real estate and the International Finance Award for the fastest growing real estate branded quality product.
  • Environmental sustainability has become a pressing issue in recent years and Vincitore is well aware of this. By using the newest and most innovative methods and practices, the company tries to reduce its carbon footprint as much as possible. 

Vincitore Real Estate Development at Korter 

Al Barsha South is a new and popular location in Dubai where you can find most of the properties developed by Vincitore Real Estate Development. But there are many more developers active in this area. When you want to get an idea of the possibilities that are available, just go to the Korter website. Here you can easily find everything you need to know. You can sort properties by price, city or developer. You can also look for apartments or villas on the map and straight away get a perfect understanding of the location of the object and the surrounding infrastructure. Furthermore, you will find information about the prices, layouts, facilities, amenities, images, price plans and so on.