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Arthur & Hardman

Ever since its foundation, Arthur&Hardman has been renowned for innovation, excellence, and evolution. Headquartered in Dubai, the company is all about developing world-class real estate located in the most convenient communities. With international experience in countries such as the United Kingdom, Bulgaria, India and of course the United Arab Emirates, the company has an investment portfolio with a worth of more than $1 billion. 

Arthur&Hardman provides its customers with true value for their investments. At the same time, the company aims at creating integrated lifestyle properties that include a wide range of different concepts. With excellent quality, outstanding customer service and tremendous ROI, customers have every reason to keep coming back to Arthur&Hardman. 

What does Arthur & Hardman offer to buyers in Dubai?

One of the buildings that made the company rise to fame is the Roma Giovanni Boutique Suites. This high-rise building consists of 20 floors and 400 units while offering excellent amenities. 

At the moment, the company has 2 projects for sale in Jumeirah Village Circle. The Milano Giovanni Boutique Suites, which were completed in 2018, offers luxury units that come in the form of studios, and 1- or 2-bedroom apartments. Surrounded by the JVC community, the complex has everything around one could wish for. 

The Naples Giovanni Boutique Suites are currently being built and the planned completion is at the end of 2020. The complex offers the same high-quality lifestyle as all the other buildings that were developed by Arthur&Hardman in the past.

Advantages of working with Arthur & Hardman

Arthur&Hardman seems to be one of those companies that excel in being excellent. The company is widely regarded as one of the most innovative when it comes to design, construction techniques, and environmental sustainability. 

Arthur & Hardman at Korter 

When you are looking for outstanding real estate with excellent after-sales, Arthur&Hardman is a solid choice. However, at the same time, there are more developers active in Dubai and other cities of the UAE. So, when you want to know what is out there, Korter offers you the most complete catalog of real estate in the country. Finally, it is possible to have all the information about a residential complex on one page. These details include things such as the price per square foot and the changes of those, the floorplans with detailed layouts, an interactive map with all the developments in the UAE, clarifying images and much more. 


It also called GIOVANNI, Arthur & Hardman Real Estate Development LLC