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About the developer Cayan Group

About Cayan Group

In recent years Cayan Group, founded in 2004, has become one of the rising stars in the real estate industry. The reason for this is that the company has developed a number of successful and innovative projects that have received international recognition. With offices in Saudi Arabia and the UAE, the Cayan Group does not only develop residential real estate but also projects in the sphere of hospitality, commercial areas and multi-purpose communities where business and family life come together. Cayan Group consists of multiple companies that all serve one purpose: offer the best property and service to their clients. 

What does Cayan Group offer to buyers in Dubai?

With dedication to their vision, Cayan Group has managed to achieve massive success in a short time and earned an impeccable reputation for quality and customer satisfaction. One of the goals of the company is to be an industry leader that blends architecture and art together in innovative projects that leave the public in awe. At the same time, it strives to provide stakeholders with added value. Cayan Group has developed multiple outstanding real estate projects, with the Cayan Tower being one of the milestones in the history of the company. This twisted tower, designed by the same architects as the Burj Khalifa, is no less than 306 meters tall and counts 75 floors. 

Advantages of working with Cayan Group

Being such a successful company, there are lots of reasons to choose for the Cayan Group when looking for investment opportunities. Besides their existing portfolio, here are some other reasons: 

  • One of the core values of the Cayan group is social responsibility, which means that the company is devoted to the health and happiness of its employees and their families. 
  • Innovation is one of the factors that drive the company and it is known for out of the box thinking, which results in original projects. 
  • Cayan Group has won numerous awards, such as for example the Business Excellence awards (2018), Most Admired Real Estate Brand (2017-2018) The Tallest Twisted Tower Record (2013) and many others. 

Cayan Group at Korter 

Cayan Group is well represented at the Korter website, where you can find all their properties that are currently in progress, as well as the projects that are planned for the (near) future. With Korter you have access the most convenient option to find all info about a residential complex when it comes to prices, amenities, the location, infrastructure around the area, contact details, etc.