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About the developer Palma Holding

Founded in 1998, Palma Holding’s main focus is the development of luxury real estate in exceptional locations. So far, the company has realized more than 4 million sq.ft. of high-class properties with a total value of more than $1 billion. Projects carried out by Palma Holding have changed the Dubai Skyline for the better and have proved to be excellent investment opportunities. Well received projects developed by Palma Holding include “the Silverene Towers” in Dubai Marina and the recognizable “Infinity Cayan Tower”. Most recently the company started a new beach-side residential project, called “the Palm, Serenia”. To create additional revenue, the company has also branched out to the hospitality sector. 

What does Palma Holding offer to buyers in Dubai?

Palma Holding offers excellent revenue for its investors while providing luxurious lifestyles with matching property. Values as excellence, loyalty, honesty, and integrity are highly appreciated by the company and are represented in the reputation of the company. 

Advantages of working with Palma Holding 

Besides the excellent reputation and portfolio of Palma Holdings, there are other benefits of choosing for this real estate developer. 

  • Palma Holding also offers several services related to real estate development:
  1. Property Management
  2. Sales and Leasing 
  3. Property Listings
  • The excellence of the projects developed by Palma Holding has been awarded more than once. The awards include prizes for “Best Residential Project 2018” for Serenia, the Palm, which also won the prize for “Best New Project” at the Real Estate Awards in 2017. 
  • Part of the Palma Holding culture is social responsibility, which is carried out by both stakeholders and employees. The company supports numerous educational and medical projects for children in need across the Middle-East. An example is the development of a school for girls in Lebanon who are living in a Palestinian refugee camp. Other initiatives worth mentioning are the Dubai Charity Marathon, the Blood Donation Drive and Clean Up Dubai Day. 

Palma Holding at Korter 

When you want to invest in the luxury real estate that Palma Holding has to offer, there is no better place than the Korter platform. In just a few moments you will get informed about all the essential details regarding the property that you are interested in. This includes things as the price per square meter, the location of the investment object, the amenities both inside and around the complex, images and videos of the property, construction updates and much more.