Trident International Holdings

Trident International Holdings

Active since 2002

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Develops projects in Dubai

Completed projects  4 properties

Marinascape Oceanic
Completed in 2009
Dubai, 5, Al Tarres Street
Trident Grand Residence
Completed in 2010
Dubai, 2, Al Mamsha Street
Trident Bayside
Completed in Q1 2011
Dubai, 2, Al Suwayeb Street
Trident Waterfront
Dubai, 47, Al Seba Street

Suspended sales  1 property

Dubai, Dubai Marina

About the developer Trident International Holdings

Trident International Holdings

Founded in 2002, Trident International Holdings aims to become a leading company in the sphere of real estate development. The company believes that sharing positive and transparent relationships with its partners and customers leads to a clear understanding and exceeding customers' expectations. Being more than a name or a symbol, Trident International Holdings is a brand that is continuously improving its assets and services. 

The company is part of an international conglomerate that is headquartered in Hong Kong and has branches in 14 countries around the globe. Besides real estate development, the company is also active in finance, tourism, horology, IT and telecommunications. 

What does Trident International Holdings offer to buyers in Dubai?

Trident International Holdings is a well-known company in the Dubai area. Some of the buildings that have added to its excellent reputation include the Trident Waterfront (Dubai Marina, 2011), the Trident Grand Residence (Dubai Marina, 2010) and Marinascape Oceanic (Dubai Marina 2009). 

Advantages of working with Trident International Holdings

The portfolio of Trident International Holdings shows that the company knows how to develop excellent real estate. Here are some other benefits of working with this company.  

  • “Sharing is caring” is the slogan of the team responsible for Corporate Social Responsibility. The organization takes part in many charity events while the Terry Fox & Children’s Hope foundation gets permanent support from the company. 
  • Environmental ethics is something that is greatly valued by the company. Therefore, all business activities are evaluated when it comes to environmental standards.  
  • The company has won numerous awards for its developments, including prizes for Best Property and Best Development at the 2007 Arabian Property Awards. 

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