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About the developer Wasl Properties

Founded in 2008, Wasl Properties is part of the Wasl Asset Management Group and manages a broad real estate portfolio. It includes more than 30.000 properties which consist of both residential and commercial properties and can be found in different regions of Dubai. Because of its extensive portfolio, Wasl Properties is able to provide any kind of real estate that the customer is interested in. If that is not enough, the company also has big plans for the future with the new development of properties in different market segments.

Wasl Properties takes pride in its customer service and the satisfaction rate of its customers is much higher than at comparable companies on a global scale. On top of that, the company can boast a 98% occupancy rate, which practically guarantees the success of investments with Wasl Properties. 

What does Wasl Properties offer to buyers in Dubai?

At the moment, Wasl Properties has several projects in progress, which include the Nad al Hammar gardens, the Nook and the Hyatt Regency Creek Heights Residences. For the future, numerous new developments have been planned. 

Advantages of working with Wasl Properties

Wasl properties is a professional company with an impeccable reputation. Besides that, there are several other things that are beneficial in buying apartments or other real estate from this company. 

  • Wasl Properties employs a team of more than 80 specialists to manage the properties that the company offers on both the leasehold and the freehold market. These professionals know all the ins and outs of the Dubai real estate market and make the lives of homebuyers and investors much easier. 
  • Besides developing real estate, Wasl Properties also provides the following services for property owners: 
  1. Owner Services
  2. Property Management Services
  3. Asset Management Services & Solutions
  4. Technical Consultancy Services
  • Wasl Properties organizes youth awareness programs that are aimed at informing young UAE citizens and residents to both save and invest money. 

Wasl Properties at Korter 

When looking for a new home or an investment opportunity provided by Wasl Properties, simply go to the Korter website and check out all the listed properties developed by this company. On the conveniently designed pages, you can easily find the information you are looking for, such as prices, the exact location of the property, the surrounding infrastructure, the amenities in the building or on the complex, images and videos, comparable objects and much more.