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About the developer Aqua Properties

AQUA Properties, established in 2005, is known as an award-winning real estate developer that has been applauded for its innovative and creative approach. The company employs a large international staff, consisting of highly trained professionals with RERA certification. Besides giving customers the so-needed advice, they are also transparent, discrete and communicative. 

The company does not only develop real estate, but it also offers services such as brokerage, property management, marketing, contracting, leasing and much more. It is also involved in the development of Global REIT, the first REIT in the world based on block chain technology. 

What does AQUA Properties offer to buyers in Dubai?

The goal of AQUA Properties is to become the leader on the Dubai real estate market. This is accomplished by excelling in customer service and with the help of a reliable, qualified and sincere team. The AQUA Properties team has in-depth knowledge of the real estate market and all its facets and can, therefore, offer the most effective and practical solutions. 

Advantages of working with AQUA Properties

AQUA Properties has a long track record of numerous successful projects in the Dubai real estate development industry. Besides their good name and professional attitude, there are several other things that add to the value of the company. 

AQUA Properties is a one-stop-shop. Besides selling property, they also offer to sell your property, property management, development management, hand-over services and renting out your property. 

Due to its top-notch developments, AQUA Properties has won 16 awards so far, for example, the Award for “Best Real Estate Brokerage Dubai” in 2017. 

Currently, the company has sold more than 6.000 properties and has rented out more than 13.000 properties. 

The company often organizes corporate events to inform potential investors and other customers of upcoming developments. At these events it is possible to communicate directly with the developers and get first-hand information about the plans, and how they will be carried out. The events are a combination of networking, exchanging information and exclusive deals. 

AQUA Properties at Korter 

When you are interested in the high-quality real estate developments of AQUA properties, the only thing you have to do is visit the Korter portal. All essential information for both homebuyers and investors is available can be found on this page. You can easily absorb fundamental information about properties, such as the precise location, the price per square foot, images of the property, descriptions of the building and the developer and much more.