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About the developer Falak Properties

With more than 30 years of experience on the Dubai real estate market, Falak Properties is part of Falak Holding, which is active in segments like construction, retail, jewelry, sports, and sports attributes and expo management. 

Falak Properties has developed a number of real estate objects in Dubai, the city that has become famous worldwide for its attractive real estate market. Falak Properties developed many properties that are located in Dubai Sports City, an area devoted to the development of sports in the United Arab Emirates. 

What does Falak Properties offer to buyers in Dubai?

Many developments in Dubai Sports City are realized by Falak properties. These include the Falak Towers, a series of towers with names as the Golf tower, the Cricket Tower, the Tennis Tower, the Baseball Tower, and others. Currently, there are no projects in progress from this developer. 

Advantages of working with Falak Properties

As Falak Properties is part of Falak Holding, a company with a wide range of business interests, the company benefits from sufficient funding and expertise in many fields. On top of that, it has a proven track record of timely delivery of the properties the company develops. 

Falak Properties at Korter 

Are you interested in the property developments realized by Falak Properties but don’t know where to find the right information? Then the Korter platform is the ideal solution for you. On our website, you find everything you need to know before making a decision about which property you want to buy for your family, or buying something as an investment. You have easy access to all details on one page, which shows you vital information such as the price per square meter, the facilities, and amenities on and near the complex, the surrounding infrastructure, the location of the building on the map, additional information about the development company and images and videos. 
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