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About the developer Kleindienst

Kleindienst Group 

The Kleindienst Group is active in a wide range of business activities. Construction and property development, yacht building, hospitality, and renewable energy are just a few of the spheres that the company is active in. The company is also the largest foreign real estate developer in the United Arab Emirates, providing a unique portfolio with some of the most sought-after estates in the country. The flagship project of the Kleindienst Group is called The Heart of Europe, which is one of the most innovative and exciting projects in the UAE. The Heart of Europe is located in the World, a group of artificial islands that represent all the nations in the world. 

What does the Kleindienst Group offer to buyers in the UAE?

Mainly active on the World Islands, Kleindienst currently has 3 projects in development. One of them is the Germany Island Villas, a project consisting of 32 luxury villas located on the island that represents Germany. In the same line, the company also develops a project on the island that represents Sweden, where a number of lavish villas are built to give residents the feeling of Sweden being located in a tropical climate. 

The Kleindienst project that has caught the most attention so far, is the project called the Floating Seahorse. This development consists of 70 units of villas with 3 floors, that are floating on the surface of the sea. The basement of the construction is underwater, which allows residents to enjoy magnificent underwater views. 

Advantages of working with Kleindienst Group 

The Kleindienst Group excels when it comes to luxury and design. The above-mentioned projects all have top of the line design, outstanding quality, and splendid after-sales. For the future, the company plans to develop more properties for the islands of the world, while also considering projects on mainland UAE. 

Kleindienst Group at Korter 

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