MAG Lifestyle Development

MAG Lifestyle Development

Active since 1978
from ‍880 د.إ / ft2

MAG Lifestyle Development's building projects  5 properties on sale

MAG Eye Apartments
from ‍1 015 د.إ / ft2
Completed in Q4 2021
Dubai, Hadaeq Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid - 631, Hadaeq Mohammed Bin Rashid
MAG Eye Townhouses
from ‍943 د.إ / ft2
Completed in Q4 2022
Dubai, Hadaeq Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid - 631, Hadaeq Mohammed Bin Rashid
MBL Residence
from ‍1 214 د.إ / ft2
Completed in Q1 2021
Dubai, K2, Cluster K Street
MAG 318
from ‍1 270 د.إ / ft2
Completed in Q4 2020
Dubai, 18, Marasi Drive Street
MAG 5 Boulevard
from ‍880 د.إ / ft2
Completed in Q4 2020
Dubai, 525, 530, 535, 540, 545, 550, Emirates Road

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Develops projects in Dubai

Sales are expected to start  3 properties

MAG 612
Dubai, Jumeirah Village Circle
MAG Creek Wellbeing Resort
Dubai, Dubai Health Care City
Mag 614
Dubai, Jumeirah Village Circle

Projects with sold apartments  4 properties

MAG 214
Completed in Q2 2007
Dubai, R2, Cluster R Street
MAG 218
Completed in Q2 2010
Dubai, 13, Al Marsa Street
MAG Al Furjan Townhouses
Dubai, 11, Furjan1 Street
MAG Hotel Apartments
Dubai, 20, 12a Street

Suspended sales  2 properties

MAG 230
from ‍840 د.إ / ft2
Dubai, Wadi Al Safa 4 - 646, Dubai Land
Mag 226
Dubai, ​2/1, Dana Road

About the developer MAG Lifestyle Development

Founded more than 40 years ago, the MAG Group is one of the oldest companies active on the Dubai real estate market. Besides the development of real estate, the company is also active in commercial and industrial trade, the hospitality sector, freight transport, engineering and contracting. MAG Lifestyle Development is known for delivering outstanding quality real estate at reasonable prices. The values carried out by the company include integrity, being straight forward, creativity and innovation while being accompanied by quality and expertise. 

What does MAG Lifestyle Development offer to buyers in Dubai?

MAG Lifestyle Development is recognized for its excellence when it comes to delivering real estate developments. Currently, there are 6 projects on sale developed by the company. The company not only offers development but everything that comes with it. This leads to the fact that buying property from the MAG group is not only a good choice for family purposes or as an investment, but it is also a lifestyle. 

Advantages of working with MAG Lifestyle Development

With a well-established real estate developer as the MAG Lifestyle Development, there are many benefits that come with the services of the company. 

  • The company has won numerous awards which can be seen as a token of excellence. Among many others, the company has won the following prizes: Number 2 in “Best Real Estate Project (Affordable Housing)” category at the 2019 Gulf Real Estate Awards, “Innovation Project of the year” at the 2018 Arabian Business Real Estate Awards, “Developer of the Year” at the Construction Week Awards 2016.
  • MAG Lifestyle Development shows commitment when it comes to corporate social responsibility. To achieve this, the company supports numerous projects in spheres such as community development, education, youth development, and environmental improvements. A good example of this is MAG Royal Solutions, which is developing automated parking in order to reduce the amount of carbon emissions. 

MAG Lifestyle Development at Korter 

When you are interested in real estate developed by MAG Lifestyle Development, the only thing you need to do is visit the Korter website. On the Korter platform, you can comfortably browse through all the real estate available in the UAE. Simply select a property and in a click, you will see all the information. This includes the price per square meter and the fluctuations thereof, the location of the property, the amenities in and around the building, information about the developer, completion dates and much more.