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Ready Property in Dubai 

When buying real estate the first question is whether to opt for an off-plan property (a property that is being built and hasn’t been completed) or to buy a ready property, a property that is ready to move in. 

The option that suits your needs depends on what you want to do with the property after the purchase. There are 3 options:

  • Buy a property to sell it when completed 
  • Buy a property to rent it out when completed 
  • Buy a property to live there

Pros and Cons of ready property

There are both pros and cons to buying ready property and below the main points of interest are combined in a table.  

Advantages Ready Property Disadvantages Ready Property 
Immediate full control over the property In most cases, the whole sum has to be paid at once. No flexible payment plans as with off-plan properties.
Immediate rental yield High prices (compared to off-plan)
What you see is what you get Limited choice when it comes to which floor, view, etc.
When living there, you save on rentModification options are limited
Possible to re-sell the property at any timeRe-selling might be hard and extra costs may be involved

Pros and Cons of off-plan property 

Advantages Off-plan Property Disadvantages Off-plan Property 
Purchase a property and pay later No control over the property until handover
Attractive payment plans and bank loansNo ROI until handover 
Low prices (often below market level) Handed over property might differ from what was in the brochure
Off-plan incentives could include things as free maintenance for several years, post-handover payment plans, Possible delays/cancellation 
High ROIChanging market conditions